For Clients: Frequently Asked Questions

Request a Lawyer 

How do I request legal services?
Go to our homepage and click the “Request a Lawyer” button. You will be asked to answer a few questions about your legal matter so we can handpick the lawyers best for you.

What if I don’t know what I need?
No problem! Answer the questions as best you can or call us at  646-650-2025, ext. 1 and a Priori representative will be in touch with you shortly. We can’t provide you with legal advice ourselves, but we can direct you to the right lawyers to assist you.

What happens after I "Request a Lawyer?" 
A Priori representative will review your request for services and will identify which lawyers in our network can assist you. We then swiftly and efficiently compile a list of lawyers and deliver them to you. You will receive an email and a notification in your Priori dashboard when your request is ready. 

How does Priori select the lawyers who appear on the shortlist I see?
Priori uses many objective factors such as the geography, practice specialty, your unique business information, and your legal need and industry, as well as your expressed preferences to generate the list of lawyers.

When I "Request a Lawyer," is that information private?
Yes. Your request is private, and is covered by our Privacy Policy. However, it is not a confidential communication between you and your lawyer, and therefore is not covered by Attorney-Client privilege. This means you should not include any information in your request that you would only feel comfortable sharing with the lawyer you end up working with. Confidentiality matters, so please err on the side of caution when you fill out the information to "Request a Lawyer."


Choosing a Lawyer

How do I choose a Lawyer from the ones you gave me?
Once Priori notifies you that we have located lawyers who can help you, you will be able to log on to your Priori homepage and select “Choose Lawyer.” Once you’ve clicked through, you will be able to review the profiles, experience and pricing details of the lawyers we have handpicked to assist you with your legal matter.

How do I compare lawyers?
Priori lawyers complete a thorough profile about their education, background, and practice for you to review. This profile is provided to you when Priori fulfills your request for a lawyer, along with examples of the lawyer’s discounted Priori rates. You might want to consider (1) how much experience the lawyer has; (2) whether the lawyer has a particular expertise in the exact problem you are encountering; and (3) whether the lawyer has worked extensively with your type or size of business . . . but selecting a lawyer is a very personal decision, so Priori tries to provide as much information as possible about the lawyers in our network. Should you have any questions about the lawyers, you can always call Priori at 646-650-2025, ext. 1.

What if I need help figuring out which lawyer is right for me?
Call us! 646-650-2025, ext 1. We will be here from 9am-6pm EST to answer all of your queries.

What do I do when I select which of the lawyers I want to use?
When you have decided on a lawyer, you will be taken to a calendar where you can select times you are available in the next week to schedule a half-hour phone call. Please select as many times as possible to maximize the chance that you can find a time that works for both you and the lawyer. After you submit your preferred times, the lawyer will review your matter and select a time to schedule a conference call.

Will the lawyer I choose definitely be interested?
No, but we do everything we can to make sure the lawyer is currently interested in taking on new matters. If the lawyer is not interested for whatever reason, you will receive a notification by email so you can select another lawyer.

What if I don’t like any of the lawyers you sent to me?
If, for whatever reason, you don’t like the lawyers we sent, you can click the “None of these lawyers work” button or give us a call at 646-650-2025, ext. 1, and a Priori Representative will be in touch shortly to get a better sense of what type of lawyer you are looking for. We are always happy to send over another list of lawyers that better suits your needs.



Why do the lawyers have different prices?
Our pricing represents a net-17.5% discount off of each lawyer’s market rates for both hourly and flat fees, but their starting rates are different based on a number of factors (e.g. experience, practice area and geography). The exclusive Priori discount means that you are always getting a better rate than if you hired your lawyer on the open market.

Are the prices I see final?

It depends. Prior to your free legal consultation, the rates you see are estimates. The price that the lawyer sends you after your consultation is final. Any required disbursements, if applicable, will be added by your lawyer on an ongoing basis.

What are disbursements?
Disbursements are additional costs your lawyer incurs in the course of completing your work. Filing fees, postage costs, court fees and copying costs are all examples of disbursements. Sometimes lawyers include disbursements in their flat fee packages -- in such cases, the package will list included disbursements. Otherwise, your lawyer will bill disbursements via your invoice.

How do I pay for disbursements?
Disbursements are billed as line items on invoices. You pay a transaction fee on all disbursements. The transaction fees are set out here.

What if I don’t see a flat fee related to my matter?
The hourly rates and/or flat fees you see are estimates. Just because you don’t see the fixed fee on a lawyer’s profile, does not mean that the lawyer won’t arrange a fixed fee for you after your free half-hour legal consultation.

What if the lawyer sent me the wrong price?
If the lawyer sent the wrong price, you should get in touch with your lawyer to discuss your issues or give us a call at 646-650-2025, ext. 1, and we’d be happy help you resolve the pricing issue.


Free Consultation 

What if the lawyer and I can’t find a time to schedule the free legal consultation?
If the lawyer is not available but is interested in working with you, the lawyer will contact us with times s/he is available and we will call you to help you with scheduling. Of course, if you can’t make any times work, you are welcome to select another lawyer.

How does my free legal consultation work?
We work with a third-party service, Twilio, to generate your phone calls. After selecting a lawyer, you will be emailed a conference line phone number and a PIN code, which you can also find in your dashboard. At the time of your scheduled appointment, simply call the line and enter your PIN when prompted. 

During the call, you will tell the lawyer a little bit about your company and matter, and the lawyer will tell you about their experience and expertise. Based on that phone call, you and the lawyer will each decide whether the lawyer is the right fit for you and your matter, and what matter type and rate make sense for you.

Can I update my availability?
Yes, you can update your availability by click “Update my Availability” on your Priori homepage. However, if the lawyer has already selected a time for the call, you should call us at 646-650-2025, ext. 1.

What if I need to change the time of my legal consultation?
You have to call us at 646-650-2025, ext. 1, and we will help you reschedule the call.

What if I accidentally miss my call?
Priori representatives are notified immediately if a party fails to join a conference call during the scheduled time. We work quickly with both parties to reschedule the appointment for a mutually convenient time.

Is my first legal consultation really free?
Yes, always. Your first call with a Priori lawyer is absolutely free. You never pay for any legal services with Priori until you’ve decided that you want to hire the lawyer.

Can I speak with more than one lawyer?
Yes, you can schedule free consultations through our site with two lawyers at a time. Of course, if you decide neither of those lawyers meet your needs, we will work to connect you with additional lawyers.

What if I’m unhappy with the lawyer I spoke to after the consultation?
You can select any of the other lawyers in your list to have a call with. If you don’t like any of the other lawyers, you can call us at 646-650-2025, ext. 1 to explain what you are looking for. 

What happens after the consultation?
After the phone call, both you and the lawyer must decide whether you are interested in working with each other. If you did NOT like the lawyer, you can go online to your Priori homepage right away and select another lawyer. Otherwise, the lawyer you selected will run a conflicts check and make sure they can take you on as a client. Once they have indicated to us that they are ready to proceed with your representation, we will notify you of their desired pricing structure. Then, you may either hire the lawyer or choose another. 

What happens after I hire the lawyer through Priori?
After you’ve paid through our site, your Priori lawyer will contact you to proceed with your matter. Your representation—other than billing—will all happen outside of the website. But, if you need our assistance or encounter any problems, we are available to help.


Billing & Payment

What is the Priori Management Fee?
Priori charges clients a Management Fee for use of our platform and services when you find and hire a lawyer from our exclusive vetted network. 

How does payment work?
Once a lawyer has selected a rate for your matter, you will receive an email notification that the rate is available. To hire a lawyer, simply log into your Priori account and click the hire button on your dashboard. You will then be prompted to enter a payment method and complete your opening payment.

After your initial payment, you will receive an email alert when a lawyer submits an invoice. You will have to log into your Priori account to view the invoice and pay. You may log into your Priori account to pay for up to 14 days from the date the invoice was sent. If you have not made a payment after the 14th day, we will auto-charge your default payment method on file.

NOTE: For any invoices above $15,000.00 you must pay using a bank account.

For matters beginning after November 19, 2015:
Priori’s Management Fee is equivalent to 10% of your legal fees. You will always be able to see the amount paid to your lawyer and Priori’s Management Fee separately.

When you hire a lawyer, you will be notified if the lawyer has asked you to pay an initial invoice. If he or she has, you will be required to pay that invoice before your lawyer begins work. 

After the initial invoice, You have 14 days from the date an invoice is sent to make a payment using the payment method of your choice. If you have not made a payment after the 14th day, we will auto-charge your default payment method on file.

For matters beginning on or before November 19, 2015:
Flat Fees: When you decide to hire the lawyer, you pay half the flat fee and Priori’s Management Fee. Priori’s Management Fee is 10% of the total flat fee (which still means you realize at least a 17.5% discount off what you would get on the open market). You pay the second half of the flat fee when the lawyer indicates that the matter is complete.

Hourly Fees: When you decide to hire the lawyer, you pay one half hour of your lawyer's hourly rate to Priori as part of our Management Fee. Thereafter, your lawyer submits bills on a monthly basis. We send you your bills on the 15th of every month, which includes the lawyer’s hours, expenses and any Priori Management Fee, and you have 14 days from the day it was sent to pay the invoice. 

As the matter is ongoing you will be charged a second half-hour of the lawyer’s hourly rate after 5 total hours billed, and an additional full hour for every 15-hour increment billed by the lawyer.

For Example: If a lawyer has a $200 hourly rate. You would pay the following Priori Management Fees:

# Of Hours Billed on Hourly Matter

Priori Management Fee

Total $ in Priori Management Fees

0-4.99 hours

1/2 hour of the lawyer's hourly rate ($100)

$100 (billed at open)

5-14.99 hours

1/2 hour of the lawyer's hourly rate ($100)


15-29.99 hours

1 hour of the lawyer's hourly rate ($200)


30-44.99 hours

1 hour of the lawyer's hourly rate ($200)


and every 15 hours...

1 hour of the lawyer's hourly rate ($200)



What are transaction fees?
This is the transaction cost to transfer money using our third-party payment processor, Stripe. As a client you only pay transaction fees on disbursements. The transaction fees are set out here.

Is payment secure?
Yes. We work with a third-party payment processor, Stripe. You can find out more about our security here.

I’m being asked to “Verify My Bank Account.” What does that mean?
In order for you to use a bank account to pay, you must verify that it is your account. Stripe will deposit two amounts of under $1 in your account within 2 days. You then must enter the two amounts on our site.

Why was my card charged automatically?
If you haven’t paid or otherwise contacted us within 14 days of the day you were sent an invoice, your default payment method will be automatically charged.

Can I change payment methods?
Yes. Simply go to “Settings” and then “Payment Methods” (or go directly to where you can add or change your default payment method. Every time you pay a bill manually, you will also be given a choice as to which payment method to use.

I got a bill saying my lawyer has completed my work, but s/he hasn’t. What should I do?
Call us and we will look into the situation: 646-650-2025, ext. 1.

I think I was charged the wrong amount. What do I do?
Call us and we will look into the situation: 646-650-2025, ext. 1.


Policies & Processes

How do I complain?
Call us at 646-650-2025, ext. 1 with whatever concerns you might have. We’re building the site to help businesses like yours and really want to make sure it’s meeting your needs.

Can I rehire the same lawyer I’ve worked with before?
Yes. Click “Request a Lawyer” and indicate that you would like to rehire one of your lawyers.

When have I actually hired a lawyer?
After you select hire on our platform (and, if necessary, pay the initial bill), you have hired your lawyer! Depending on the matter, your lawyer may also require that you sign an engagement letter; in that case, you have hired your lawyer after you have signed an engagement letter — outside of the Priori system—and paid for services


Attorney Network

How does Priori select its lawyers?
In addition to meeting our basic criteria (at least 5 years experience and a mandatory minimum of malpractice insurance), lawyers go through an extensive vetting process including: filling out an online application, face-to-face interviews, and two reference checks. We currently accept only about 20% of the lawyers who apply to our network. Only when we’re satisfied that a lawyer meets our standards do we invite them to join Priori’s network. 

How does Priori negotiate discounted rates?
Because Priori can provide so many clients to a lawyer, they are willing to give us the rates that they typically reserve for friends, family and repeat clients.

Once a lawyer is admitted to the network, do they have to meet any standards?Yes. In order to remain a member of the Priori network, a lawyer must receive at least a 95% approval rating from our clients.


Get started by telling us a little bit about your legal needs and a member of our team will begin working on your matchmaking process.