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Find the right lawyer for all of your projects
Priori Marketplace connects in-house legal teams with vetted lawyers and other legal providers for projects globally.
Get more done with Marketplace
From the Fortune 10 to tech startups, companies use Priori Marketplace for:
Staffing & secondments
Find attorneys with Big Law, in-house and other relevant experience for short-term staffing to long-term headcount coverage.
Overflow support
Engage with providers for all of your needs on a flexible basis, whether that’s commercial contracts, data privacy, marketing, employment and more.
Local counsel
Expanding your business to new regions? Need support for litigation in a new jurisdiction? Our network covers all 50 states and 70+ countries.
Niche expertise
From crypto to copyleft to drone law, our network gives you access to a wide range of lawyers with in-demand and specific expertise.
The Impact
The advantages of moving work to Priori Marketplace include:
More diversity than the overall law firm market
Cost savings compared to traditional outside counsel
Time saved finding the right provider
Increased satisfaction with legal providers
How it works 
Step 1
Start Your Search
Get started using our interactive questionnaire.

Our platform then uses the structured data you provide to identify the best-fit providers in our network and generate a custom shortlist for your project.
Step 2
Receive Matches
On receiving your shortlist of providers use our platform to compare data-rich profiles that highlight relevant experience.

Then, schedule screening calls or meetings with your preferred candidates, message them for further information or to request project-specific bids and receive formal work proposals on a flat, hourly, success or mixed-fee basis.
Step 3
Hire Your Provider
Start an engagement through our platform and use our billing software and messaging and document-sharing tools to manage the project from beginning to end.

Priori Marketplace also works with leading e-billing software so you can seamlessly integrate Priori firms and attorneys into your existing invoicing and approval processes.
Step 4
Scale On Demand
The combination of our unique legal talent pool and streamlined technology platform enables your team to quickly scale up and down with the right legal support when you need it.

Your team also benefits from onboarding only one vendor, Priori, instead of multiple firms, substantially reducing your administrative costs in sourcing and hiring new outside counsel.
Recognition & Resources
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