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Value and Quality for Startups at any Stage
I knew what I wanted out of my Series A, but Priori helped me hire a lawyer who could actually get me there!
Cost-Effective Legal Advisors
As a small business owner, I don't have time to find excellent legal help at a price I can afford. I just want someone who understands my business and budget. Thanks, Priori.
Save Thousands on Your Regular Legal Needs
We were spending more than 20K average per month on outside legal support in addition to our in-house resources. With Priori, we spend 5K for the same quality.
Versatile and Precise
Priori partners with my legal department so we can find the niche help we need on an ongoing basis and scale up our legal resources during a major deal or litigation.

Have ongoing legal needs? Consider the most affordable way to access our vetted network. With FlexCounsel, you can build a legal team tailored to your needs, all for as little as $130 per hour.

Priori for General Counsels
Find your exact niche legal solution and grow your team with trusted talent across multiple practice areas with Priori's Custom Legal Search. Built with General Counsels in mind, we aim to satisfy your exact legal need.
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