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What Our Clients About Priori

What Makes Us Different?
Unique Legal Talent Pool

Our clients access a rigorously vetted network of independent boutique firm and solo practitioners for on-demand expertise, overflow work and leave and headcount coverage.

Streamlined Platform

We are a technology company. We use data and software to streamline the full lifecycle of our clients’ outside counsel engagements, from matching to billing and payments.

Budget Optimization

The efficiencies driven by our proprietary technology platform reduce our network lawyers’ overheads, enabling them to offer discounted rates for our clients.

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How Do You Get Started?
We Make It Easy
Our interactive RFP will guide you through providing the information needed for us to best leverage our extensive attorney network and data from thousands of successful engagements to send you a customized list of lawyer matches for you to review and connect with. This typically occurs within one business day and you will be notified by email when your proposal is ready. It’s that easy.