Hand-curated, data-driven attorney matches for your company.

We use data from thousands of successful legal engagements to optimize your attorney search.

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Hire quality

  • We rigorously vet lawyers as if we were hiring them for a full-time job
  • Successful applicants have outstanding credentials, a business-forward approach and are widely respected by their peers and clients
  • Once admitted, we use a number of proprietary metrics to track ongoing quality, including a 95% approval rating from Priori clients that each lawyer must maintain to remain in the network
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Save time

  • Our data-driven and bespoke matchmaking process means we'll find you the right lawyer quickly, regardless of your needs
  • All Priori clients are assigned a dedicated Project Manager to match you with lawyers and help you quickly connect with your top choices
  • Manage multiple outside counsel through our centralized online system and pay bills as you would any other vendor
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Control cost

  • Priori handles all back-office functionality for our lawyers, which means reduced overhead for them and exceptional rates for you (typically 60-75% less than a traditional firm solution)
  • Our lawyers offer custom flat-fee packages, capped fees, subscriptions, contingency and hourly arrangements, all of which include an exclusive Priori discount
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