Scout - Priori
Manage your trusted law firm relationships
Uncover new insights and make better hiring decisions with digestible data about your outside counsel.
Search thousands of data points about your trusted law firm network, track relationships over time and align hiring with key initiatives.
What is Scout?
Scout is a first-of-its-kind outside counsel decision-making platform that empowers legal teams to make better hiring decisions that drive value for their business.
Scout uses AI to do the heavy lifting with your data so you can better understand your outside counsel’s capabilities and expertise, rates, engagement and performance history and more.
Lawyer Profile
Centralize your knowledge
Scout connects multiple data sources – law firm and attorney experience and expertise, e-billing, performance and public data – and uses AI to make it “decision grade.”
Search Interface
Hire best-fit attorneys and firms for new projects
Leverage Scout’s robust search capabilities to ensure your team is hiring the right firm or attorney for new projects.
Law Firm Tags
Communicate key information
Create groupings of approved firms based on panel participation, practice area, geography, diversity, certifications or any other criteria, so your legal team knows what firms they can hire when.
Review Comparisons
Track law firm and lawyer performance
Use our reviews and scorecarding features to understand and compare how firms and lawyers in your trusted network are performing over time.
Matter Scorecard
Manage department initiatives
From rate review processes to diversity programs, Scout enables you to achieve your goals.
Recognition & Resources
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