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Trademark Questions & Checklist

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Almost all business owners will need trademark help at some point. Whether you are hoping to pursue trademark registration domestically or internationally or whether you believe someone is infringing on a trademark you own, a trademark lawyer can help ensure that your trademarks are well-protected. Read more about trademarks and trademark registration here

Wondering how to register a trademark or need trademark help? Prepare for your first meeting or call with a trademark lawyer by completing Priori’s trademark worksheet. With our checklist of key trademark issues, you’ll be able to think through the most important issues and facts before your meeting with a trademark lawyer. This will allow you to send relevant information to your lawyer before your meeting so the lawyer can prepare in advance and make your interactions as productive and cost-effective as possible. If needed, Priori can also connect you with a trademark lawyer in our vetted network who can assist you with trademark questions and trademark registration.

Complete these questions and we’ll email you a PDF to bring with you to your meeting with an attorney.


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Trademark Questions & Checklist