Law & Legal Tech Companies Can Join Our Network - Priori

Law & Legal Tech Companies Can
Join Our Network

Priori is now accepting law companies, legal technology providers and other “New Law” solutions to our marketplace platform.


What is Priori?

In-house legal departments use Priori to find the right solution for any legal project. Our mission is to use data and technology to create the world’s first transparent market for legal services.

Priori has already helped thousands of clients tackle the challenge of finding the right outside counsel. Now, using our structured data and technology, we’re helping clients find the right legal service provider to put innovation to work for their needs. Join us in driving the legal industry towards a true “right-solution” model. 


What types of vendors do we work with?

We work with alternative legal services providers, new law companies and legal technology vendors that drive value for our clients by performing work traditionally done by U.S.-qualified lawyers more cost-effectively and efficiently. 

Examples of projects suited for alternative solutions on our platform include high-volume contract review and analysis, managed document review and compliance and due diligence reviews.


What are the benefits?

Reach Clients. Our structured proposals showcase your company's problem-solution fit.

Showcase Value. Gain visibility & highlight value versus traditional legal providers.

Streamlined Onboarding. Join clients' provider rosters seamlessly through Priori.


Contact us to join other innovative legal companies on Priori.