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The Priori Difference

By Basha Rubin

Without further ado, we’re proud to tell you a bit more about Priori. Our approach to developing relationships with attorneys and providing services to clients is a little different from many other companies you may have encountered:

(1) Personal and personalized services for lawyers. We have interviewed face-to-face every single lawyer in our network. Really. We try our best to understand each lawyer’s practice and how that lawyer wants to see it grow, and then work with them to make it happen.

(2) Personal and personalized services for clients. We are not a one-size-fits-all service, nor do we believe your legal services should be one-size-fits-all. Every time a client has as legal question or quandary, we make sure we understand in detail what your business needs, and then we personally find the lawyers who can best counsel your business for success.

(3) Responsiveness to feedback. We are committed to encouraging the use of different types of alternative fee arrangements. If you suggest it, we promise to think about it. The billable hour isn’t ideal in many situations, and we want to work with lawyers to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

(4) Discounted but not discount. We have a commitment to fair and transparent pricing. Our lawyers provide services at a range of different prices for a range of different clients and issues. Each of these prices is lower than most clients would be able to get on the open market for quality legal services. We also pass along flat fees to our clients wherever we can.

(5) All your legal needs in one place. We understand that, in this economic climate, small businesses often require multiple attorneys to help them comply with federal and state regulations, to ensure the privacy and security of their data and intellectual property, and to handle a range of employment and corporate issues. We strive to connect small businesses with any and all legal services needed—in one convenient, easy-to-use online platform.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll explore each of these points in greater detail on the blog. Stay tuned!

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