Priori Digest 21st Edition | How Different Parts of the World Handle Digital Privacy Rights

By Oliver Duchesne
| Priori Digest

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n this edition of the Priori Digest, a weekly look at what’s happening in law and technology, we look at some implications of the new GDPR laws, including the industry most affected by it, how the new privacy laws of Europe stack up against the rest of the world and the amount a company can be fined for breaching it. Additionally, we look at the blurry lines around copyright violations involving fiction as well how the Supreme Court approaches cases involving technology. Enjoy! 

What we’re reading

  • The industry most affected by GDPR? Ad-tech
  • Facebook is to be banned in Papua New Guinea for a month while the government considers the website’s effect on the country
  • The upcoming SCOTUS ruling in Carpenter v. United States (involving the government’s use of cell phone records, obtained without a warrant, to recreate the movements of a robbery suspect) highlights the Court’s approach to technology
  • Who owns an idea? It’s a question the law can struggle to answer, particularly when it comes to fiction
  • Where the CEOs of heavily funded startups went to college
  • How different parts of the world are handling digital privacy rights. The summary: in Europe data is controlled by the individual, in the U.S. data is controlled by companies and in China data is controlled by the state

What in the weird

  • A Kentucky woman has been mistaken by Facebook for a Westworld bot
  • Local police in Turkmenistan are inspecting landfill sites and bathrooms around the country for evidence that locals have been using newspapers containing photographs of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov as toilet paper

By the numbers

  • 4: The percentage of worldwide annual revenue a company can be fined for breaching GDPR or €20 million, whichever is higher
  • 539 million: The amount in USD that a jury finds that Samsung owes Apple for patent infringement on design and software in a case that began back in 2011
  • 119,250: The median annual salary (USD) for a lawyer in the United States in 2017

What we love hearing

I was thrilled to be included as one of the Legal Technology Resource Center’s 2018 Women of Legal Tech. Last week, my interview as part of that initiative was featured on the Law Technology Today website. Check it out here!

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