Priori Digest 18th Edition | Why Soft Skills Matter for In-House Lawyers

By Oliver Duchesne
| Priori Digest

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Welcome to the 17th Edition of the Priori Digest, a weekly snapshot of what we've recently found interesting in the worlds of law and technology. This week, we look at the increasing importance of soft skills for in-house counsel, the (perhaps) surprising percentage of VCs who studied the humanities and social sciences as undergraduates, dystopian “emotional surveillance technology” in China and the philosophical questions surrounding AI art. Enjoy! 

What we're reading 

  • Sam Fernandez, General Counsel for the LA Dodgers, on how his role as GC for a major sports team has been transformed by technology
  • Google loses a consequential “right to be forgotten” case in the UK. The judge in the case determined it was not in the “public interest” for stories relating to two businessmen’s past crimes from many years ago to be kept online
  • Daniel Susskind, Fellow of Economics at Oxford and author of “The Future of The Professions” on the three myths about the future of work and why they aren’t true
  • Is a painting or a piece of music created by artificial intelligence algorithms really art?
  • The number of sessions dedicated to “soft skills” at CLOC highlights how these abilities are becoming increasingly important for in-house legal practitioners
  • In state-owned businesses across China, employees are wearing caps that monitor brain activity and emotions. This Orwellian “emotional surveillance technology” helps employers identify mood shifts so companies can increase productivity

What in the weird

By the numbers 

Priori in the press

  • The award-winning contract review automation software company, LawGeex, has highlighted the perspectives of eight women who are disrupting the legal industry. We were honored to be included in such illustrious company. Read the piece here 


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