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Priori Legal Launches Valuable New Resources for Businesses!

By Priori Legal
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Everything we do here is driven by our mission: to make navigating legal transparent, efficient and cost-effective for businesses. That’s why we’ve launched the Legal Document and Form Learning Center, as well as a Legal Topics section. In a very real sense for growing businesses, time is money, and when you’re educated and equipped with the tools you need to most efficiently work with a lawyer, you save both.

The Legal Document and Form Learning Center is a collection of real documents and contracts, drafted by lawyers in Priori’s vetted network, complete with annotations explaining important provisions, and highlighting the strategic decisions that influence legal drafting. You can explore a variety of documents, including nondisclosure agreements, commercial leases, cease and desist letters, contract termination letters, privacy policies and terms of service and get an inside look at the real life, critical considerations that go into drafting them. All of the documents are free of charge and available to download. This one-of-a-kind tool will give you helpful insight and, if necessary, an excellent foundation for streamlined communications with a lawyer.

Similarly, the newly launched Legal Topics section is geared towards transparency and efficiency. Covering a wide array of legal topics, including intellectual property, employment, litigation, tax and immigration, this resource provides important overview information and answers some frequently asked questions. Regardless of your industry or the stage of your business, the Legal Topics section can catch you up on important basics and arm you with the right questions if you decide to speak with a Priori lawyer. We also believe in clear pricing, so a range of rates applicable to the legal topic at hand are provided in this section.  

We hope you’ll find both of these resources helpful, and stay tuned for more exciting news!


Visit the Legal Document and Form Learning Center and Legal Topics section!


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