Madielene Alkilhlil, Sales Director of DocSolid | CLOC 2018 Legal Ops Win

By Oliver Duchesne
| CLOC Interview

What does DocSolid do?

We help legal departments and law firms eliminate paper and become more effective and efficient in mitigating risk.

What is your role?

I'm one of the sales directors, so I got out and help build business.

How is DocSolid improving legal operations?

By removing paper out of the process, you're actually improving efficiency and collaboration within a firm. We're also able to help you downsize your real estate, and that's a huge cost for law firms. And because we can help you manage your paper better, we help mitigate risk so when your clients come in you don't get sued.

What has surprised you most about the emergence of legal operations as a field?

That they actually created the field because this part of law is backwards and antiquated. That's why it's surprising.


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