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Priori Marketplace: A Legal Platform for Finding Outside Counsel

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23-04-12 Marketplace By the Numbers

Discover and engage with the right outside counsel globally

Legal operations professionals, general counsel and legal departments at companies of all sizes need to optimize their outside counsel use. The recent Legalweek State of the Industry address painted a clear picture of the situation, “As in-house counsel faces tighter budgets and growing demands, their expectations for outside counsel are growing—expectations that firms may struggle to meet.”

Priori Marketplace clients use our legal platform to overcome these challenges, and many others, every day. Our clients include the legal teams at Fortune 100 multinational companies, fast-growing tech startups and everything in between. They engage lawyers from our vetted network for projects of all types, such as overflow support, full-time secondments, flexible resourcing, staffing and projects requiring niche expertise. The technology driving our platform improves every stage of the outside counsel hiring process. Clients can reduce legal spend by as much as 40–75%, meet diversity, equity and inclusion goals and eliminate inefficiencies in their search for the best outside counsel provider.

How Does It Work?

The Priori Marketplace legal platform quickly and efficiently connects in-house teams with the right provider at the right price at the right time. It all happens in three simple steps: 

  1. Submit an RFP – Discovering the perfect provider on Priori Marketplace is as easy as performing a search. Our interactive questionnaire streamlines the request for proposal process for legal projects using structured data and a natural language input system, similar to searching the web. 

  2. Receive a Proposal – Our technology takes your inputs and combs the attorney network for matches. You’ll receive a curated shortlist of qualified attorneys, usually in 1–2 days or fewer.

  3. Make Your Decision – Our network has thousands of attorneys and we use a three-stage vetting process including an online application, video interview and reference checks. You can schedule screening calls, message an attorney or request project-specific bids directly in the platform.

The Priori Attorney Network By the Numbers

Our legal platform is easy to use and, because of our vetted attorney network, it quickly surfaces the perfect outside counsel for any legal project. The experienced solo practitioners, boutique and mid-size law firms and alternative legal services providers that make up our network can handle almost any kind of legal project.

These are just some of the stats behind our attorney network: 

23-04-12 Marketplace Stats

What Do Clients Think? 

Our clients use the Priori Marketplace legal platform to find outside counsel for all kinds of projects, but the reason why they come back is simple: They can source high-quality legal providers in a quick and easy way. 

Priori client Carol Hopperton, Legal Chief of Staff at Vonage, a global cloud communications company, explains it better than we can: “Sometimes I stop and think, ‘Why do I use this?’ I use this because it’s easy. I’m not saying the other processes are wrong. I know some of the other options can provide a good service for me, but there is something about everything being online and at my fingertips that I just feel much more in control. I can have a very quick and direct relationship with the candidates and the technology is there to support it. It’s easy. It’s fast. It just works.

For Hopperton, Priori Marketplace helps her run the Vonage legal department “like it’s [her] business.” She says it gave her an answer to common questions she thinks about as Legal Chief of Staff, including, “How do we right size the team? How do we put together a really agile, dynamic team that can flex and be able to support peaks without adding to your team size?” 

Georgia Quinn, General Counsel at Anchorage Digital, a global digital asset platform for institutions, asks the same questions as Hopperton in her role. She explains, “It's hard to make that full commitment to an employee because there's this uncertainty—you're not sure what the future workload is going to be.”

In addition to the efficiency Priori Marketplace provides, Quinn and the team at Anchorage Digital were particularly impressed with the way Priori attorneys were ready to jump in headfirst and get important work done for the business on time. “We find that Priori lawyers are more like in-house lawyers compared to using a law firm,” she says. “Priori attorneys act like in-house counsel, not like outside attorneys. That's the difference. It’s a mindset. There’s a different mentality between in-house counsel and outside counsel. Priori lawyers put the business hat on more. They know they have to get the work done so that we can run a business.”

Read more about the wins Vonage and Anchorage Digital achieved with Priori Marketplace in our latest case studies. If you have an outside counsel need that you’re looking for a good fit for, submit an RFP today. It’s totally free and you’ll receive a curated list of legal providers for your project, usually in 1–2 days or fewer.

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