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Legal Operations Holiday Gift Guide

By Priori Legal

 23-12-5 Legal Ops Holiday Gift Guide Blog Post

Get the perfect gift for the change management champion in your life!


‘"Twas the eve of the holiday party and throughout the legal ops domain

Not a contract was stirring, no clause caused a strain.

The legal team nestled by their desks with care

Knowing the holidays would soon be there.


Laptops were closed, no more e-discovery to explore

As visions of legal ops gifts danced galore.

With the holiday spirit filling the air

The need for the perfect gifts was the office’s only affair."

If this poem rings true for you, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! As we’ve been perusing gift guides leading up to the holidays, we felt like something wasn’t quite right. And then it hit us—we need a Legal Ops Holiday Gift Guide! So we put one together to help you find the perfect gift for every legal professional in your life. Read on for some ideas that are sure to make you the favorite at this year’s holiday party.


For the legal operations manager who thinks outside the lines…

🖍️ Coloring Books for Adults

Not only has coloring been shown to be a de-stressor—great for anyone in the department, especially legal operations managers, who might be staying up late trying to make the most of last year’s budget while preparing for next year at the same time—but if you’re having trouble reining in your legal spend it also provides a safe place where you can work outside the lines with no consequences!


For the productivity wiz who has it all…

📔 The Full Life Planner

Sure, they may have mastered the art of change management, building project plans and executing on them with ease. But with this planner, even the most productive productivity guru can take their talents to greater heights by applying their skills to their entire life! 


For the road warrior who just needs a few more ZZZs…

💤 Pluto Pod Neck Pillow

If you’ve ever wanted to look like an astronaut when you’re sleeping on a plane, this is the pillow for you. In addition to providing neck support, this pillow includes a hood with a visor that pulls down over your face, cutting you off from your surroundings and letting you sleep in peace so that you can show up to your favorite legal ops event (CLOC Global Institute, Legalweek, ACC Legal Ops Con,, Buying Legal Conference, Consero, Summit by the Sea, LinkUp the list goes on…) well-rested and ready to innovate. While it’s built for travel, it could come in handy for power naps as well.


For the coworker who got really into cooking during the pandemic…

🫙 Custom Food Packaging Labels

Whether it’s their homemade strawberry jam, extra-hot hot sauce or artisan sourdough bread, what home cook wouldn’t love a way to give their creations that professional feel? Help your favorite legal operator go from templatizing contracts and streamlining workflows to templatizing their food labels with these stunning stickers. As a bonus with this gift, you’re all but ensuring you’ll be the first to get gifted whatever they’re cooking up next.


For the person who can’t get enough conference swag…

Drift Kinetic Sand Toy

This moving sand toy reminiscent of a zen garden will look great next to a collection of bobbleheads, perpetual motion machines, levitating spinners, holographic clocks and everything else that takes up space on a desk that could otherwise be used for doing work. Plus, its soothing patterns will help you stay calm, cool, and collected through even the most frustrating CLM implementations. 


For the coffee lovers dedicated to their mugs…

Ember Mug

For some reason, coffee in a mug (as opposed to a thermos or tumbler) just hits differently for some of us. If you know anyone in that camp, this $150 mug that keeps your coffee at your personal preferred temperature (between 120°F and 145°F) could be an extravagant life-changer. Perfect for when you need the extra energy to plow through a pile of RFPs.


For your whole legal ops team…

🪄 Ops In a Box, Legal Edition

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention this entertaining and efficiency-boosting tool kit created by Hearst’s Senior Director of Operations, Office of the General Counsel, and Priori Customer Advisory Board Member An Trotter. Treat your team to a feast of legal ops content, from templates to reference guides and more, all with a magical twist. 


For the legal department looking to excel in 2024…

🦄 Priori Marketplace – Start an RFP

We might be a little biased (OK, a lot), but this is our favorite product on the list. If your legal operations team is looking to use what’s left in your budget this year or thinking about how to save on costs, increase efficiency or find new providers for your unique legal needs next year, Priori Marketplace is the perfect outside counsel resource. Learn more about how companies of all sizes use Priori to find, hire and manage outside counsel for on-demand specialist projects, standardized overflow support, staffing and more.

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