Case Study: Interview with Angela Yeh, Founder & CEO at Yeh IDeology

1-10 Employees
Company Size
Immigration & Corporate

Yeh IDeology was looking for fantastic and responsive attorneys with a small business focus to cover a broad range of legal needs.

Q: How did you get started with Priori?

I tried a few lawyers before Priori, but they didn’t understand small business. So when it came time for me to find a lawyer to help with an immigration matter, I turned to Priori. I was amazed at how much more efficient the process was than when I tried to do it myself.

[E]very time someone has recommended a lawyer to me outside of Priori, I’ve always gone with Priori.
Q: What role did cost play in your decision?

For me the driving factor was not cost so much as saving myself the hassle of having to find the right lawyer myself. As a small business owner, I don’t have time to make the wrong decision when hiring a lawyer. I’m in the recruitment business so I understand the value of a service that can vet and screen for quality.

But price competitiveness has been important as well. I want to work with the most competent people within my budget. Priori connected me with lawyers at the same level of quality I could have gotten elsewhere but at significantly lower rates. That’s why, every time someone has recommended a lawyer to me outside of Priori, I’ve always gone with Priori.


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