Case Study: Interview with Carolyn Lanzetta, CEO of Plum Print

11-50 Employees
Company Size
Consumer Products
Startup General Counsel

Plum Print is a startup that transforms children's artwork into digital archives as well as custom coffee table books. They needed an excellent startup attorney to help with a wide variety of needs, from fundraising to contracts.

Q: How did you get started with Priori?

When we raised venture capital funding, we hired a large, expensive law firm. We knew that continuing to work with this firm wouldn’t make financial sense for our everyday legal needs. So we started looking around for an attorney who could serve as our outside general counsel and came across Priori.


Q: You were initially skeptical of Priori. Why? And what changed?

Honestly, my first thought was that the attorneys would be bottom-of-the-barrel lawyers who couldn’t get work elsewhere. But when I started getting attorney matches, that’s when I realized that there’s real talent there – people with significant experience. I interviewed two lawyers, and I asked them both why they were on Priori. They each said the same thing: not having to chase down bills saves them so much time and money that they can discount their rates for Priori clients.

I was also very reassured by Priori’s story – a company founded by Yale Law grads who have been able to secure real talent on both the company side and the attorney side.

The personal touch made a big difference. . . . Priori reassured me every step of the way.
Q: Any other factors in assuaging your concerns?

The personal touch made a big difference. I appreciated being contacted by a real person after I submitted my attorney request. It was really nice to know there was a person who had a sense of what we needed, would follow through, and would take the lead in finding the right attorney for us. I admit, I was skeptical, but Priori reassured me every step of the way.



Plum Print interviewed two attorneys from Priori Legal's network whose practices focus on advising funded startups and hired the one with whom the team clicked best.

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