Client Testimonials

Priori Legal has spectacularly raised the bar when it comes to sourcing and engaging high value legal services.
Daniel Schwartz, CEO | Dynamica
Q: How did you get started with Priori?

Having had raised a round of venture capital financing, we knew we needed to significantly control and reduce our legal spend. I had been introduced to a number of larger law firms through business school contacts, but there was a striking lack of transparency in their pricing. So when I came across Priori I decided to give it a try.

Phyl Georgiou, Founder & CEO | Tiggly

The first step in my process was to write to the Tech GC Google Group, an organization of General Counsels of leading venture capital firms and venture-backed companies with chapters in New York City, San Francisco, and Boston, to find out what services members were using. Priori Legal clearly rose to the top in terms of the number of recommendations. The buy-in from the tech community was very important in my decision-making process because I wanted to work with a company that understood and worked well with tech companies.

Yayoi Shionoiri, Senior Counsel | Artsy
Priori's service is extremely impressive—particularly with respect to quality, speed and attention to detail.
Yassy Okamoto, Director of U.S. Corporate Legal Affairs | Macmillan
Q: Did you have any initial reservations about using Priori?

Honestly, my first thought was that the attorneys would be bottom-of-the-barrel lawyers who couldn’t get work elsewhere. But when I started getting attorney matches, that’s when I realized that there’s real talent there—people with significant experience. I interviewed two lawyers, and I asked them both why they were on Priori. They each said the same thing: not having to chase down bills saves them so much time and money that they can discount their rates for Priori clients.

I was also very reassured by Priori’s story—a company founded by Yale Law grads who have been able to secure real talent on both the company side and the attorney side.

Carolyn Lanzetta, CEO | Plum Print

I really didn’t think I needed a third party to help me find a lawyer—I thought I knew enough people to do it myself. But within 30 minutes of contacting Priori, they had scheduled three attorney interviews for me, something I never would have been able to do myself. Booking appointments on the Priori platform was seamless and delightful. They had thought through every detail, including providing a pre-arranged conference number.

Jacob Hodes, CEO | Relevant Healthcare Technologies
The team at Priori Legal has become an invaluable source of high quality legal talent for (in my case) a small law department with very specific budget.
Andy Dale, General Counsel | DataXu
Q: What’s been your experience with your Priori attorney?

We were looking for someone who had experience with tech startups. We also wanted somebody who fit with our way of working—technology-friendly, quick and responsive. Priori’s structure really matches that. There’s an emphasis on harnessing the power of technology to improve efficiency in what’s traditionally been a very inefficient space. So from the very beginning, we knew the attorneys in Priori’s networks would be predisposed to working our way.

Jacob Hodes, CEO | Relevant Healthcare Technologies

We knew as soon as we decided to move our company from Moscow to the U.S. that we would need a very capable lawyer to help us. Priori connected us with multiple lawyers right away. We had an initial call with Arina and we knew we wanted to work with her. She had the IT and ad technology experience we were looking for. She’s relaxed and easy to work with. We’ve started using her on a lot of different matters. She consistently solves our problems quickly and correctly.

George Levin, CEO | GetIntent
As the Founder of Hopstop, I've worked with dozens of lawyers over the years. Not only are Priori's lawyers among the best I've worked with in any context, their seamless online platform and responsive customer service makes hiring and working with a lawyer an unexpected pleasure.
Chinedu Echeruo, CEO & Founder | Gigameet
Q: What do you love about Priori?

The cost savings have been phenomenal. I’d say what I’ve paid so far has been an order of magnitude less than I would have paid a big law firm for the same work. But what’s really kept me a customer has been the extensive network of expertise that Priori taps into. The fact that I can get people with deep experience in just about any area of the law is absolutely phenomenal.

Recently, I needed an attorney for an European Union privacy matter. Somebody from Priori quickly got back to me with some suggestions. The attorney I chose turned out to be the perfect fit. The amount of knowledge this lawyer had absolutely blew me away. Knowing that whatever specialized matter I have, I can find the right lawyer through Priori, is great. I think of Priori as a meta-law firm.

Gavin Zuchlinski, Founder & CEO | Acuity Scheduling

Priori connected me with lawyers at the same level of quality I could have gotten elsewhere but at significantly lower rates. That’s why, every time someone has recommended a lawyer to me outside of Priori, I’ve always gone with Priori.

Angela Yeh, Founder & CEO | Yeh IDeology

Priori has top quality attorneys with a variety of expertise. We chose Priori for our projects because their attorneys had the best expertise in corporate/transactional matters. We also love the service that we receive on an ongoing basis. It is timely and efficient, and very cost-effective.

Susan Alker, Deputy General Counsel | Medley Management, Inc.

Priori has made everything easy; I love the data-driven approach to matchmaking, the seamless billing platform, and Priori’s hands-on approach to partnering with clients.

Yayoi Shionoiri, Senior Counsel | Artsy
Any corporate legal department would benefit from Priori's services.
Susan Alker, Deputy General Counsel | Medley Management, Inc.

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