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Tax Return Preparation Questions & Checklist

Our worksheet helps you identify key issues before talking to a lawyer
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Since an accountant will often be the only support you need to prepare your business's taxes, many business owners wonder, "What can a tax attorney do for my business?" Priori can help when deciding whether to hire a tax attorney or CPA. Legal tax services are often necessary if your situation is particularly complex, and Priori's Tax Preparation Worksheet can help you decide if your business faces any issues that require legal tax services that go beyond the services of an accountant. 

Prepare for your first meeting or call with a tax lawyer by filling out Priori’s Tax Preparation worksheet. Our checklist highlights a variety of legal tax services, and, using this worksheet, you'll be able to think through the most important issues and facts before your meeting with your tax lawyer and determine whether you need a tax attorney or CPA. This will allow you to send the relevant information to your tax attorney, so that the lawyer can prepare in advance and make your first interaction as productive and cost-effective as possible. If needed, Priori can also connect you with a tax attorney in our vetted network who can assist you by providing legal tax services.

Complete these questions and we’ll email you a PDF to bring with you to your meeting with an attorney.


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Tax Return Preparation Questions & Checklist