For Lawyers: Frequently Asked Questions

Completing Your Profile

How do I complete my profile?
Once you are admitted, you must log in to your account to complete your profile. The more fields you complete on your profile, the more searchable it is by us when fulfilling client requests. We recommend completing 100% of your profile.

How do I enter my rate on my profile?
After your application is approved, you will have to login to your Priori dashboard to add your discounted hourly rate to your profile. When entering a rate, you may enter EITHER the Client Total (which must include the Priori Management Fee) or Your Discounted Rate (which is your standard rate less 25%).

You may enter additional rates when Creating Projects for clients. You will likely need to do this if you would like to create a custom rate for a client (typically after consultation). If you quote the client a total during your consultation, that is the number you will enter in “Client Total.” You will then see your discounted rate automatically calculate.

What rates do clients see on my profile?
When your profile is put forward for a client request, the client can see your Priori Rate, which is a composite of your discounted hourly rate plus the Priori management fee. If the client elects to schedule a consultation with you, you are free to quote the client your Priori Rate for hourly matters or any other alternative fee arrangement that reflects at least a 25% discount off of your standard rate(s).

Can I adjust my discounted rate?
Of course. You can always adjust your discounted rate to reflect an overall increase in your rate with all clients. The increase in your discounted rate should proportionately reflect the increase in your standard rate. Please also let us know by contacting us via email, so that we can anticipate your rate change when fulfilling client requests.

Does Priori share my profile information with the public?
No. Your profile information is only shared with verified Priori clients. Your privacy is critically important to us.

Verify your banking information
In order to receive payments from Priori clients, you must verify your identity for our third-party payment processor, Stripe. To verify, log in to your Priori account, click the “Verify my Identity” link under “Identity Verification Needed” on your account dashboard, and fill out the form. Verification happens immediately.

Stripe charges processing fees to transfer money paid by clients via credit card. The processing fees are 2.9% + 30c per credit card transaction ( Those fees are automatically deducted from the amount deposited in your account on payment by client. Stripe does not deduct any processing fees from amounts paid by clients via bank transfer or ACH.

Get Reviews
Your profile includes a section for client reviews. When first joining the network, we encourage you to “seed” your reviews section with reviews from clients you’ve worked with in the recent past.

Share this link ( with those clients whom you would like to submit reviews on your behalf. This is an important part of getting your profile up-to-speed when first joining the network. Thereafter, all Priori clients will be asked to review your services and positive reviews will be shared on your profile.

Engaging with clients

How does it work?
Clients submit RFPs via our online platform. Priori then searches our network for the best lawyer matches for the project and invites those attorneys to submit a proposal. Clients can then view their proposals and connect with and hire lawyers directly via our platform, and after an engagement commences, lawyers use our billing software to enter their time and send invoices to clients, who also pay via our platform.

How will I know if a client is interested in my services?
If a client is interested in connecting with you for their project, you will receive a notification in your account and by email stating that a client is interested in your services and requesting that you view their request and schedule a consultation. You can view the client’s request, as well as the times they have indicated they are available for a consultation, via the link in the email or through the notification on your account dashboard.

A client may also message you through our Messaging Center to ask you a question. For example, a client may send you a message to query your experience or fees. You will receive an email notifying you when a message is received and can view and respond by clicking the link in the notification. You can also send messages and view your current and past messages via the “Messages” tab at the top of your account dashboard.

Am I required to offer clients a free phone consultation?
Yes. All attorneys in the Priori network agree to offer our clients a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation, however the decision to speak to a particular client is at your sole discretion. If a client is interested in your services and you do not want to take on the matter, you may reject it prior to speaking with the client. All we ask is that you do so promptly (by the end of the business day) so that the client may arrange consultations with other network lawyers.

How does the free phone consultation work?
We work with a third-party telephone conferencing service, Twilio, to accommodate your phone consultations. If a client indicates that they are interested in hiring you for their matter, you will receive an email prompt to view the client’s request and their proposed times for a consultation. You can then view those times and either accept one or request that the client send revised availability.

After you have accepted a time, you will be emailed a calendar invite, conference line phone number and a PIN code for the consultation. You can also find the phone number and PIN on the right-hand side of your dashboard when you log in to your Priori account. At the time of your scheduled appointment, simply call the line and enter your PIN when prompted.

What if I need to reschedule my consultation?
If you need to reschedule your consultation, please contact us as soon as possible at or 646-650-2025 (from 9am - 6pm EST Monday - Friday) so that we can make arrangements with the client. Please provide several days and times you will be available to reschedule the call. We also recommend that you notify the client directly through our Messaging Center, which can be accessed via the “Messages” tab at the top of your account dashboard.

What do I do after the consultation?
After the consultation, you will login to your Priori account and either accept the matter and create a proposal for the client, or decline the matter. If you choose to decline a matter, please do so promptly (by the end of the business day) so that the client may make alternative arrangements, and please provide us with feedback on why you declined the matter (e.g., the client’s request was not within your area of expertise) so that we can continue to improve our client matches.

Can I charge clients a contingency fee?
Yes. If you would like to represent Priori client on a contingency fee basis, you may do so by charging the client no more than 30% of the client’s total recovery. The Priori management fee on contingency matters is 3% and will be billed to the client at the same time as the legal fees.

To create a project in your Priori account for a contingency fee matter, simply build an hourly fee proposal with no opening invoice for the client to accept. Once the matter is resolved and an award or settlement is reached, you will access the project you created and then bill the client for your legal fees. The client will receive an invoice for your legal fees plus our Priori management fee.

You can also bill any amount up-front or on an hourly basis and take a reduced contingency fee at the end of the matter. The client will be charged the standard Priori management fee for any amounts billed up-front or on an hourly basis, in addition to the 3% fee charged with the contingency fee for this type of hybrid engagement.

Should I send the client my engagement letter?
The decision is yours. If you want to work with the client, you may choose whether to send the client an engagement letter in accordance with your standard practice. If you elect to provide an engagement letter, we do not provide boilerplate language for the document. However, for clarity, we recommend that you (i) reference your Priori Rate, (ii) mention that the Priori rate includes Priori’s management fee, and (iii) if applicable, adapt existing language to indicate that the client will pay you using the Priori platform.

What should I do if I am unavailable for new matters for a period of time (e.g. vacation)?
If you are unavailable for new matters for any reason -- for example, if you are on vacation, extended leave, or are too busy to take on any new work -- you must change your status to “Not Available” under the heading “Change Your Availability” in the settings section of your account. When you are available again, change your status back to “Available for new matters”.

Proposals, Projects, Billing and Payment

How do a build a proposal for a client after the consultation?
If you and the client would like to move forward after your consultation, you will need to send the client a proposal from your Priori account. Login and find the client’s request card on your dashboard. Then click "Build Proposal" from the drop-down menu and follow the prompts. Once you send the proposal to the client, the client will be able to view it from their account and hire you.

How do I record my time for an open project?

• Log in to your Priori account dashboard (
• Scroll to section titled “Open Projects” and either:
• Select “Add Line Item” from drop-down menu on open project; or
• Click on project, scroll to section titled “Unsent Line Items” and select “+Add Line Item”.
• Enter the following information:
• Type: Select “Hourly”, “Disbursement”, “Flat Amount” or “Retainer” (as applicable).
• Activity Date: Enter date work was performed.
• ABA Activity / Code: Optional.
• Description: Enter work description.
• Rate: Choose applicable rate.
• Quantity: Enter number of hours. Only select right-hand box if line item is being written off. Note: You cannot write off less than 100% of a line item entered.
• Review & Save: Review line item and select “Save”. The platform automatically checks whether all required fields have been entered before entry is saved.

Repeat this process for each additional time entry for the project. Line items can be edited and deleted via the “Edit” link on the right of each unsent line item in the “Unsent Line Items” section. To delete, select “Edit” then “Options → Delete.”

How do I send an invoice to a client?
To send an invoice:

1. Log in to your Priori account dashboard (
2. Scroll to section titled “Open Projects” and click on project.
3. Scroll to section titled “Unsent Line Items” and click “Build Invoice”. This opens the invoice builder page, with unsent line items at the top of the page and a draft invoice at the bottom.
4. Select line items to be included on invoice, either individually or by selecting “Add All to Invoice”.
5. Review draft invoice and send to client. Invoices can also be scheduled to send at a later date.

Note: Invoiced line items are removed from the “Unsent Line Items” section of the project page and the invoice is displayed in the invoice listing section (at bottom of project page). Any line items from a specific month that are not included in a manually-created invoice remain in the “Unsent Line Items” section, and will be automatically billed at midnight on the 7th of the following month.

How do I open a new project for an existing client?
To open a new project for existing or repeat Priori clients:

1. Log in to your Priori account dashboard (
2. Select “Create New Project” in the top-right corner.
3. Enter the following information:

    • Client: Select client from drop-down menu (Note: you can also invite and create projects for non-Priori clients). Click arrow on the right.
    • Details: Enter the Project Name. Click arrow on the right.
    • Rates: Choose applicable rate. Click arrow on the right.
    • Settings: Locked for Priori clients. Any necessary adjustments can be requested from Priori following project open. Click arrow on the right.
    • Invoice: If applicable, create invoice for opening retainer amount or down payment. Otherwise, change toggle to “No” and click arrow on the right.
    • Review & Save: Review project information and click “Create Project”.

Project will now be open and will appear on your account dashboard and “My Projects” page. Repeat the process for each new project required by the client.

What about billing disbursements and other third party expenses?

Once you’ve opened a project with a client, you will be able to add line items to your invoices for disbursements and third party expenses. There is no Priori management fee added to these costs.

Do I have to use Priori’s billing software for sending invoices to clients?
Yes. Priori has its own proprietary billing software that allows you to bill directly through Priori's system. We take care of invoicing and collections, so you can focus on what really matters - your client. This is also important so that Priori can collect its management fee directly from the client, and not from you.

How do clients pay their bills?
After an invoice is issued, the client will get an email alerting them that their bill is ready to be paid. They can log in to their Priori account, go to the “Invoices” page, and click the “Pay” button. Once there, they will be prompted to select their preferred method of payment (bank account or credit card).

Clients have 14 days from the day an invoice is sent to pay. If they do not pay an invoice within 14 days of the day it was sent to them, we will autocharge their default payment method for that invoice.

Our management fee is automatically deducted from the amount deposited in your account when a client pays an invoice.

Are there any processing fees?
Yes, there is a transaction cost to transfer money using our third-party payment processor, Stripe. The processing fees are set out here. Attorneys will pay any processing fees on their legal fees (these fees are automatically deducted from the amount deposited in your account on payment), while clients will pay any processing fees on disbursements.

Is payment secure?
Yes. We work with a third-party payment processor, Stripe. You can find out more about Stripe’s security measures here.

Client reviews

Do clients have the ability to review my performance?
Yes, we’re always looking for ways to improve our service and believe that a robust collection of attorney reviews is helpful for clients when selecting a lawyer. We also require our network attorneys to maintain a 95% approval rating from our clients to remain in the Priori network. All clients are therefore asked to complete a voluntary survey to review their lawyer’s performance after a matter is completed and closed.

Can I see my client reviews after they have been submitted?
Yes, you can view your client feedback by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner of your account dashboard, selecting “Settings” from the drop-down menu and clicking “View/Edit Profile”. The feedback provided by clients is included in the “Testimonials” section of your profile and under your practice description after the words “[Your name] has been described by Priori clients as…”

What happens if I receive a poor review? Can I object to it?
We thoroughly vet all client reviews before they are added to your profile. If you receive a poor review, you will be contacted by a Priori representative to discuss the review. We always want to make sure that you have an opportunity to raise any objections before any action is taken.


Where can I view information about my clients, matters and billing?
You can view current and past information via the “Clients”, “Projects” and “ Invoices” tabs at the top of your Priori dashboard.

How can I change my bank account?
You can change your bank account by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner of your account dashboard, selecting “Bank Accounts” from the drop-down menu, clicking “Change” and then either choosing your bank from the list available when you click “Choose Bank” or, if your bank is not listed, completing the form and clicking “Save”. Your account will then be verified, which occurs instantaneously on completion of the relevant form (provided your details have been entered correctly).

How can I change my account details?
You can change your account details (profile, email, settings, password, phone number, malpractice insurance, and time zone) by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner of your account dashboard, selecting “Settings” from the drop-down menu, and then clicking the appropriate item that you would like to change.

Does Priori have an attorney code of conduct?
Yes. Priori cares about maintaining a professional, trusted and competitive network of attorneys. All lawyers in our network must therefore abide by the attorney code of conduct. You can view the code by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner of your account dashboard, selecting “Settings” from the drop-down menu, and then clicking “View Attorney Code of Conduct”.

Can I contribute to Priori in a speaking or writing capacity?
Yes, absolutely. We encourage you to contact us if you’re interested in speaking engagements or contributing a blog post or article for Priori clients.