New Lawyer Profile Guide

Please reference this guide when updating all sections of your new profile.

To complete your new profile, login to your Priori account and begin by clicking the “Click here!” link under the “Your Attorney Profile” heading on the right margin of your account dashboard. Then, click “Edit Profile” at the top of your profile page and the grey pencil icon next to each section to add relevant information (be sure to click the “Save” button after completing each section). When you are finished working on your profile, click “Finished Editing” under your profile photo to be taken back to the profile page as your clients will see it.

Updates / Key Features

Your profile is now organized into the following four sections: Experience, Expertise, Testimonials and Rates.

1. Experience: Please update your bio, fill in missing employment history and update your schools.

    • Update your biography. Client feedback indicates that they tend not to read long blocks of text, so we encourage you to keep your bio compact (approx. 500-600 characters). To compliment your shortened biography, we’ve added new, client-friendly sections designed to highlight specific elements of your experience, namely representative clients and matters and relevant matter and industry experience (these are explained further in no. 2 below). To assist you in updating your biography, this guide includes an outline of bio suggestions (below) based on feedback from our clients.
    • Employment History. The most popular Priori profiles include significant employment history. The new profile features dedicated freeform space to describe your experience in each of your previous positions. We recommend you use this space to concisely highlight relevant elements of your experience that aren't otherwise apparent from your profile.  
    • Update Schools. Please re-select your educational institutions from the drop-down list provided. Ultimately, your schools will display with a logo rather than text.

2. Expertise: Please select practice specific tasks and industries, and indicate representative clients and matters.

    • Practice Areas and Industry Experience. This new featured section highlights your niche experience and capabilities in an accessible, efficient graphic. In order to generate your personalized graphic, please review each of the “industries served” and “task (practice areas)” lists via the links at the bottom of your “Edit Profile” page (the links will open in new tabs) and select all industries/tasks applicable to your practice and experience (note: you must select and expand each category in both lists in order for the “percent complete tracker” to reach 100%). If we missed any items you’d like to see listed, please let us know by emailing us at  Please carefully review each applicable section; going forward, this detailed practice area and industry information will be the primary method we use to determine which attorneys are appropriate for client requests (and should reduce our need to reach out regarding your specific experience).
    • Representative Clients and Matter Types. The new profile includes the ability to showcase your notable clients and interesting matter types. Priori clients nearly always ask us for this information, so we strongly recommend you include it in your profile. Representative clients and matters will be displayed side-by-side, so please make sure not to include duplicates.
    • Articles & Documents. If you have written an article for the Priori blog or have contributed a document template to our Learning Center, those materials are now accessible from your profile. If you haven’t written a blog post or contributed a document template, this section will not appear. If you would like to do either of those things, please let me know. We’re always interested in sharing content created by our lawyers.

3. Testimonials: If you haven’t already, now is a great time to send your Reviews link ( to two clients to seed your testimonials section. Reviews from Priori clients are automatically posted in the section.

4. Rates: Your Priori hourly rate (your discounted hourly rate, including Priori’s management fee) will be shown by default in your rates section. We will also show clients any applicable flat fees in this section when fulfilling requests. Please confirm that all rates are up-to-date. If you need to edit any rates, please do so by going to your Dashboard and clicking “Edit Rates” in the “Your Rates” heading on the right margin.

Biography Suggestions

The following points are suggestions based on feedback from Priori clients:

1. Start with a summary of who your clients are and how you help them. For example:

    • “I help technology companies protect their interests with proper IP portfolio management, contract drafting and negotiation, complex data privacy and cybersecurity concerns and a broad array of general corporate issues involving their day-to-day business operations.”

2. Briefly mention prior work experience, especially if you had a highly technical practice at a firm or were in-house at a company in a specific industry in which you currently serve. There is a separate section for work experience, so no need to include too much detail here. A sample summary is below:

    • “I formerly worked as in-house counsel for a major telecommunications company and was responsible for overseeing regulatory matters, compliance, risk assessment, litigation management, employment matters and general day to day business activities.”

3. If you have characters remaining, please consider highlighting key leadership positions or accomplishments in your professional career or other unique attributes that complement your practice. For example: 

    • “I served as Chair of the Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Committee of the American Bar Association.”

4. Please avoid:

    • Legalese. The best bios are written in plain English.
    • Using special characters and rich text. Also note that our bio section does not handle rich text or special characters (including bold, underline and italics), so you should not copy and paste, and please make sure to check the formatting of your bio by previewing it before logging out.
    • Discussing why you became a lawyer. When assessing profiles, clients want to understand how you can help them. Your bio should reflect that single-minded focus.
    • Links to your bio on another site. Clients want to see everything in one place. If you include a link to your bio on another site, we will remove it and ask you to re-enter your bio information on your Priori profile. You are free to use the same or similar bio information as your firm site, provided it aligns with the suggestions made above. Also note that our bio section does not handle rich text, so you should not copy and paste, and please make sure to check the formatting of your bio by previewing it before logging out.
    • Typos and grammatical mistakes. Your bio should reflect the quality of work you deliver to clients. Please proofread for spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes.
It's time to update your profile!