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Copyright Questions & Checklist

Our worksheet helps you identify key issues before talking to a lawyer
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Your business's day to day operations give rise to all kinds of legal questions about copyright. If you have creative works, you may want to register copyrights to protect them against infringement. If someone is infringing on your work or if someone has accused you of infringing on their work, a lawyer can advise you about the best course of action and answer all your legal questions about copyright. No matter what your legal question about copyright, a lawyer will generally need to know the nature of the creative work and whether it has been published. In the case of infringement, a lawyer will want to ascertain whether the usage falls under one of the “fair use” exceptions.

Prepare for your first meeting or call with a copyright lawyer by completing Priori’s copyright resources, including our copyright worksheet. With our copyright checklist identifying key copyright issues, you’ll be able to think through your legal questions about copyright in advance of your meeting with your lawyer. You can even send your copyright worksheet to your lawyer, so your lawyer can prepare ahead of time and make your interaction as productive and cost-effective as possible. If needed, Priori can also connect you with a lawyer in our vetted network who can assist you with your legal questions about intellectual property and your legal questions about copyright.

Complete these questions and we’ll email you a PDF to bring with you to your meeting with an attorney.


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Copyright Questions & Checklist