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Priori’s Erin Dunn to Discuss How to Fill Labor Gaps and Meet Diversity Goals at the WIPL Conference

By Priori Legal


NEW YORK, NY, October 17, 2022: Priori is proud to be a roundtable sponsor and participant in the Women, Influence & Power in Law (WIPL) Conference October 17-19 in Washington, DC. This conference was assembled with the help of an advisory board of some of the most powerful women in the law.

The gathering will bring together more than 600 in-house and outside lawyers to discuss some of the major issues facing corporate clients and their lawyers in 2022. The conference will have several keynote addresses, roundtable discussions, and five education tracks covering:

  • Crafting Your ESG Strategy: Building a 1-5 Year Plan

  • Shaping the Future of Litigation

  • The Evolution of Labor & Employment Law

  • The Innovator

  • The Transformative Role of Legal Leaders

A Sneak Peak of The Priori-Moderated Diversity Roundtable 

Businesses are facing huge economic challenges and the resulting problems have trickled down to their in-house legal departments.

The economy faces an unusual combination of inflation, a looming recession, and a labor shortage. Even in these turbulent economic conditions, legal departments still need to procure and provide cost-effective legal services while reaching their company's hiring goals.

Join Erin Dunn, Priori’s Senior Client Development Manager, on October 18, 2022 at 4:30 p.m. EST as she moderates a roundtable discussion regarding such issues. Dunn will lead a conversation analyzing legal department staffing problems created by the Great Resignation and possible solutions to the high demand for legal professionals  despite the simultaneous shortage of qualified candidates. Dialogue will include the costs and benefits of filling headcount gaps on corporate legal teams with innovative staffing solutions such as:

  • Legal staffing agencies

  • Alternative legal service providers (ALSPs)

  • Marketplaces

Dunn will cover the effects of shrinking legal budgets for outside counsel, hiring freezes by businesses, along with dwindling numbers of available legal professions and how these staffing issues will affect your legal department’s ability to reach its diversity and inclusion goals.

Join Us at the WIPL Conference

We hope to see you in Washington, DC as we network with hundreds of the most powerful women in law from around the world and discuss the challenges facing legal ops professionals and in-house counsel. The conference will also include lively discussions with thought leaders  and provide insight into the legal landscape related to cybersecurity, mastering transactions, risk management, the future of litigation, crafting an ESG strategy, and the ever-changing role of legal leaders.

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