2019 Legal Tech Trends, A Litigious Bikini & History’s Most Important Technological Inventions - Priori

Priori Digest 43rd Edition | 2019 Legal Tech Trends

By Oliver Duchesne
| Priori Digest

In this edition of the Priori Digest, a weekly look at what’s happening in law and technology we look at how bounty hunters can locate your phone with only $300, Gizmodo’s list of the 100 most important technological inventions of all time, an in-depth interview with the CEO of Stripe and how gerrymandering will again be scrutinized by the Supreme Court. To get the digest straight to your inbox, sign up here. Enjoy! 

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What amuses us

  • A “high-tech robot” at a conference in Russia turns out to be just a man in a suit
  • An Arkansas city council candidate who twice showed up too late to vote for himself in a contest that ended in a tie, wound up losing the race in a dice roll

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