Priori Digest 34th Edition | Why Lawyers Make Great Startup Hires

By Oliver Duchesne
| Priori Digest



In this edition of the Priori Digest, we look at how boutique firms are embracing innovative technology, why startup founders might be smart to add a legally-trained employee early on and the coming rise of alternative legal service providers for more complicated work. Enjoy! 

What we’re reading

  • Why some think that lawyers make great early-stage startup hires (We happen to agree! #GoTeam)
  • In October, officials from Washington and Brussels will will sit down to review the state of the US-EU Privacy Shield, a data-sharing pact between the US and the European Union that underpins more than $260 billion of annual digital trade between the two regions
  • Shifting more complicated workstreams to alternative legal service providers (ALSPs) may be the next large-scale shift in the legal market (Again, agree)
  • Due to their size and entrepreneurial spirit, boutique law firms are able to enhance their service by embracing innovative technology
  • This piece in the ABA Journal explores how to build a successful niche law practice
  • With companies wanting and gaining access to more and more of your personal data, the notion of “uninformed consent” is becoming an increasingly important issue, as most consumers are either unaware of the personal information they share online or, quite understandably, unable to determine the cost of sharing it — if not both

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