Priori Digest 27th Edition | Free Food at Tech Companies, Risk Assessment in Criminal Justice & On-Demand Meteor Showers

By Oliver Duchesne
| Priori Digest



In this edition of the Priori Digest, a weekly look at what’s happening in law and technology, we look at risk assessment tools that are changing the criminal justice system, a German law that fines social media companies for fake news and a Japanese startup for on-demand meteor showers. Enjoy!  

What we’re reading

What in the weird

By the numbers

  • 8.1: The percentage of leadership roles in North American technology companies held by women
  • 69: As of this year, German law states that if social media firms do not remove fake news, threats or other controversial content with 24 hours they will be fined. A recent survey found that 69 percent of Americans would approve of such a law being passed in the U.S
  • 52.9: The percentage of websites that use English. The next most popular language on the internet is German with 6.3 percent

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