Priori Digest 22nd Edition | How Technology is Transforming the Justice System

By Oliver Duchesne
| Priori Digest

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n this edition of the Priori Digest, a weekly look at what’s happening in law and technology, we examine the history of “dry counties” in the United States, how technology is radically changing the justice system and how Priori helps companies like Via with their outside counsel needs. Enjoy! 


What we’re reading

  • In 2018, roughly 18 million Americans still live in places where the sale of alcohol is banned by law. This interesting piece explains the history of “dry counties” in the United States
  • This woman went into labor during her final exam and then graduated from Harvard Law School (Who run the world?)
  • This fascinating report details how technology, particularly the combination of big data and increased surveillance, is fundamentally transforming the justice system
  • Sony just invested in an exciting music startup, Roli, that aims to create new musical instruments and ways of making sounds using a combination of innovative software and hardware
  • Background check startup Checkr is lowering barriers to employment for people with criminal records by setting a goal of having five percent of the company to be ex-offenders by the end of this year
  • General Counsel of Via and friend of Priori, Erin Abrams, has given an interview where she says her role makes her feel like a “lawyer plus” because she isn’t just viewed as legal, but has a seat at the executive table. You can also read Erin’s Priori testimonial here!

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