Lawyer Spotlight: Volume 5 - Priori

Lawyer Spotlight: Volume 5

By Caroline Hansen

Welcome back to Lawyer Spotlights; a series focusing on successful attorneys who use Priori to streamline and grow their practice. In this edition of Lawyer Spotlights, we feature Keum Park, a solo practitioner based out of Walnut Creek, C.A.

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Keum Park

Fordham University School of Law (1996)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), BS (1993)

In her solo intellectual property practice, Keum secures multi-faceted protection for her clients' intellectual property assets and strategically grows their utility patent, design patent, trademark, and copyright portfolios. Registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) since 1998, Keum has prepared and prosecuted many patent and trademark applications and helped secure protection in key markets in North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Keum lives in Walnut Creek, CA, and is licensed in Massachusetts, California, New Jersey, and New York.



What is your general practice area focus? 

Intellectual Property


What is your typical client profile? 

Solo inventors, universities, start-up companies, and many Fortune 500 corporations in the consumer product, medical device and manufacturing industries. 


What is the most successful client relationship that has begun through your Priori membership?

Through Priori, I have had a variety of successful client relationships. I have provided consultations and IP services to a variety of small business owners and companies, including a restaurateur, an executive life coach company, and a wedding photography collective.


What do you like most about working with Priori?

I love that Priori provides me with a combination of data-driven technology and personalized support through its directors and staff. Starting with the very first client interaction, Priori has provided outstanding support for interfacing with potential clients, from the initial inquiry, phone consultations, cost proposals, and invoicing. I can easily communicate and share documents with my clients by messaging or teleconferencing through Priori’s conference center. All of the procedural details for managing the client matters are seamlessly facilitated by the Priori web portal, which is clearly laid out and easy to learn. I was also able to have questions about billing and scheduling quickly and responsively handled by a Priori staff member.


How has Priori helped you grow your practice? 

Since I joined, Priori has been tremendously helpful in making my practice visible to high-quality clients. I have been able to work with small companies and small business owners. All of them have been well-screened, responsive, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

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