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Legal Process Management

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When managing the work of attorneys, whether at outside firms or inside your company, there are best practices you should follow to ensure that the work is performed efficiently and effectively. Priori offers a number of articles on legal process management that address issues like how to allocate legal work between differently priced legal service providers, how to invest legal resources in proportion to the amount at stake, and how to ensure that your attorney time is spent productively.

Successful legal process management begins with understanding your current legal needs and forecasting your future ones. Do you encounter a wide variety of legal issues, or the same types of issues repeatedly? Are your legal issues especially complex or relatively straightforward? Answering these questions will help you discover opportunities for streamlining your legal processes without sacrificing quality. Doing so will also help you identify where your current processes are sub-optimal and need attention.

The key to successful legal process management is calibrating the time, effort, and money spent on a given legal matter to the significance of that matter. Of course, this is easier said than done. It can be difficult to appraise what’s at stake in a given legal matter, as seemingly small matters can spiral out of control if not handled competently at the outset. Yet there are clearly certain repetitive legal tasks that many businesses face that do not require the help of expensive, high-end lawyers. Intelligently delegating those tasks to more affordable legal service providers can generate significant savings.

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