Intellectual Property

The intellectual property solutions and corresponding prices available to TriNet customers are set out below. Get started by filling out the form at the bottom of the page, telling us which filing you'd like and in what state you're based, and a member of our team will match you with the right attorney for you to connect with. 

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  • Copyright Registration: $200 (plus approx. $35-55 for US Copyright Office filing fee)
  • Provisional Patent Application (Client Draft): $750 (plus approx. $130-260 for USPTO filing fee)
  • Provisional Patent Application (Attorney Draft): $2000 (plus approx $130-$260 for USPTO filing fee)
  • Trademark Application (Single Class): $500 (plus approx. $275-$375 for USPTO filing fee (per trademark class)) (Note: The $375 fee for trademark applications includes an additional $100 USPTO fee for applications filed on an "intent to use" basis rather than a "use in commerce" basis.)

Note: If you require any additional work please let us know. Additional services are available at the discounted hourly rate of $185/hr, capped at 5 hrs per customer. Any work above the cap will be at the discounted hourly rate of $220/hr. Discounted fixed rates may also be available. 

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