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San Jose businesses need intellectual property lawyers to protect their inventions, creations, trade secrets and brand assets. Especially for technology companies, failing to protect your inventions with the assistance of a skilled San Jose patent lawyer can be a dispositive mistake. Priori Legal’s curated legal marketplace has top-notch San Jose intellectual property lawyers with expertise and experience in any intellectual property issues or questions your business has.

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Your intellectual property IS your business, especially in our digital age. A San Jose intellectual property lawyer can help you apply for trademarks to protect your name, logo and other brand assets, patents to safeguard exclusive rights to your inventions, including, in some cases, business methods, and copyrights to guard your written works. You may also want to consult a San Jose intellectual property lawyer to advise you on implementing processes to protect your trade secrets or to draft a contract to license intellectual property you’ve created. For any of these needs and more, you can schedule complimentary consultations with vetted San Jose intellectual property lawyers by putting in a request with Priori now.

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