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About Palo Alto Securities Lawyers

Palo Alto and investment are virtually synonymous. With so much money, and so much at stake, in a constantly evolving business and investment landscape, getting the help of an excellent securities lawyer can make all the difference to the future of your Palo Alto company. Priori’s on-demand legal marketplace can connect you with the right securities lawyer for your business. By partnering with an experienced Palo Alto securities lawyer, you ensure that your startup gets the best possible deal— and that you don’t accidentally fall afoul of federal and California securities laws along the way.

The SEC & Securities Law in Palo Alto

All companies in Palo Alto must comply with securities law at the federal and state level. This means that you must work with the SEC. Issues in SEC compliance can often be wide-reaching. You may be responsible for anything from public disclosures to annual filings to even structuring your company correctly.

SEC compliance is often much more complex than startups realize, and too often new companies make costly mistakes before they even realize that they are under SEC jurisdiction. If you want to ensure that your startup doesn’t make these kind of mistakes, it can help to discuss compliance issues with a Palo Alto securities attorney. Your securities lawyer will be able to assess your exposure and tell you what actions you should be taking to stay compliant. Your company won’t have to waste time worrying about compliance issues that don’t yet affect you. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that you have fulfilled your legal obligations with the SEC.

Venture Capital

Due Diligence

An important step in any venture capital deal is due diligence. A vital part of this process is the legal opinion on your company provided by an independent securities lawyer. This securities attorney will assess the records and procedures related to your company’s formation, ensure that corporate governance and capitalization are in order, and check that you have the legal authority and approval to enter into a venture financing transaction. 

Investment Contracts

Once you’ve been offered funding, it’s not always in your company’s best interests to take a deal on the table. You need to analyze the documents carefully to ensure that the partnership works for both parties’ needs. An investment contract is a complex legal instrument consisting of multiple key documents. A Palo Alto securities attorney can go over the document with you and your team, pointing out potential issues and helping you weigh the pros and cons of any action. 

California Blue Sky Laws

When you sell securities in Palo Alto, you aren’t just subject to federal securities laws under the jurisdiction of SEC, you’re also subject to California securities laws, known as blue sky laws, and subject to state enforcement agencies. California Blue Sky Laws are found in Sections 25000 through 25707 of the California Corporations Code, and most of them are aimed at preventing fraud. While some offerings are exempt from worries about state and local regulations, many smaller offerings, especially certain Reg D offerings, must strictly comply with these laws. If you are planning on issuing even a very small number of shares, it’s important to consult a California securities lawyer in order to comply fully with the California Division of Corporations.

Palo Alto Securities Lawyers Aren’t Just for Multi-Million Dollar Financing Rounds

Many founders think that they don’t need securities lawyers until big money is on the table. This couldn’t be less true. Palo Alto securities lawyer aren’t just for multi-million dollar financing rounds. They can help founders work out share allocation amongst themselves and ensure that even seed funding from family and friends doesn’t break any securities laws. After all, investment for equity is considered issuing securities, even if the investor is your uncle. No matter how early or late stage your company, a securities attorney from Priori's vetted network can help you stay compliant. 


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