New York Business Lawyers & Attorneys

Many businesses call New York home, and as a local business owner or entrepreneur, you need a trusted New York corporate lawyer to protect your business against threats and strategize with you, so your company can thrive. Priori Legal's vetted, on-demand marketplace can connect you with excellent attorneys to assist with the full-suite of legal issues your New York business faces. 

New York Contracts

There would be no businesses operating the way we know them today if it weren’t for contracts. Contracts allow companies to get supplies, sell goods and services, purchase real estate and hire employees, all while limiting the risk and increasing transparency in just about any transaction. Still a contract is only effective if it is well-drafted, which is why it is vital for every company to work with a New York business lawyer to negotiate, draft, and enforce all contracts. After all, an ineffective contract will just hold your company back. A corporate lawyer from New York can represent your best interests and ensure that your contracts have predictable, intentional legal outcomes.

Employment Issues

Dealing with the legalities of New York employment law can be stressful for any business owner. These laws are quite complex and change regularly. In addition, employees can have implications related to contract law through employment contracts, securities laws through employee benefit or stock plans, and many other areas of law. 

Workers’ Rights

Workers’ rights and protections are strong in New York. These laws protect workers from injury or unfair conditions on the job. In New York, any violations can be prosecuted harshly, which is why businesses in New York should carefully comply with all workers’ rights and safety laws. As a business owner, you’ll be expected to offer leave, give compensation and benefits, hire and fire, and keep the workplace safe in accordance with New York worker protection laws.

Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination and harassment are two of the most serious legal issues employers face . Every business is prohibited from fostering an environment that includes or ignores any workplace discrimination or harassment based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, martial status, or other protected class. All companies with at least four employees in New York must have formal procedures to stop and punish any discriminatory or harassing behavior, including employee training on what could be considered sexual or other harassment. Since employees may be entitled to sue negligent companies or bring a case with the New York Division of Human Rights or the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, your company must work with a New York attorney to ensure a safe, open workplace.

IP Protection

Intellectual property is a valuable asset for any company today. As more startups in New York City and across the state depend on trademarks to build their brand and inventions protected by copyrights, patents and trade secrets to compete, IP protection strategies have become a top priority for every company. If you are looking to ensure that your intellectual property is secure, it may help to discuss your strategy with an experienced New York business lawyer.

Customer Complaints and Lawsuits

Everyone knows how much weight a customer complaint carries on social media today, but what fewer business owners realize is that customer complaints can lead to lawsuits and even tricker legal issues. Consumer protection laws may turn a simple complaint into a formal investigation by the New York Division of Consumer Protection. These are serious investigations that require sophisticated legal advice to mitigate. A New York business attorney can help you understand your responsibilities to customers and generally limit your liability.

How a New York Business Lawyer Can Help Your Business Grow

As your business grows, you will face increasingly more complex legal questions. It may seem to some easier to wait until that day comes to find a trusted business lawyer, but the truth is that choosing a legal advisor early is one of the best ways to ensure that your company thrives.

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