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Whether your business is considering hiring someone in need of a visa to legally work in the United States, your business is established elsewhere but you’re looking to open a stateside office or you are a foreign-born founder or employee considering working in the United States, you’ll need a skilled immigration lawyer. A NYC immigration lawyer can advise you on the most appropriate visa for your situation and help you navigate the application process. Submit a request to receive a vetted list of New York City immigration lawyers and transparent fixed fees for common visas.

Understanding New York City Immigration Laws

With all the controversy currently surrounding immigration laws in New York City and across the U.S., it’s easy to lose track of current reality in these issues. There are plenty of legal ways to bring employees, family, investors and other people into the country, but it is easy to confuse these issues. New York City immigration law spans many issues, but primarily deals with companies trying to hire qualified non-citizen employees for the many job opportunities available here. With a vibrant economy and thousands of international businesses operating in NYC, the needs for an international workforce is crucial.

The following are the most common issues that NYC immigration lawyers deal with:

  • H-1B visas for employees and other employer-sponsored visas

  • Work visas for graduating college students and those without employer sponsorship

  • U.S. H-2A, H-2B, EB-5, J-1, L-1, O-1, B-1 and B-2 visas

  • Green cards

  • Work permits

  • Visa transfers

Visas and Green Cards

To hire a foreign national, companies must confirm that applicants have the right visa or a U.S. green card. Sometimes, this means sponsoring an H-1B visa or a J-1 visa. Other times, companies must simply confirm immigration status. Whether you are looking to bring a specific individual to the U.S. or considering hiring a foreign national who is already in New York, there will likely be more legal steps than when hiring a U.S. citizen. An immigration attorney can help smooth the processes to ensure you can hire the right person as efficiently as possible.

Path to Citizenship

Many long-time residents of the United States ultimately decide to become U.S. citizens, making their long-term viability as an employee much better for companies. That’s why many employers look to help key officers, investors, and employees secure citizenship. Whether your employee has a green card or has simply been legally working in the United States for many years, there may be a path to citizenship. Although some situations will lend themselves to easier naturalization procedures, all paths to citizenship require complex paperwork and numerous court filings and appearances. A NYC immigration lawyer can complete the paperwork on your employee’s behalf and make the most compelling case  to secure their stay here in the U.S.


How can I verify a potential employee’s immigration status?

All U.S. employers must submit Form I-9 for each employee they hire in the United States. This document will allow you to verify employee immigration status and tell you what to look for to ensure immigration or citizenship documents are genuine.

How can I secure visas for employees I want to hire or bring from abroad?

There are many visas available for qualified foreign workers if you are willing to sponsor them as an employee or trainee. If you are not sure which visa you need to secure or if your desired employee will qualify, it can help to speak with a New York City immigration attorney.

Can I secure a visa for a potential employee who currently has a student visa to hire them after they graduate college?

There are visas available to former students of U.S. universities with desirable skills after the U.S. higher education system has invested in their career, especially if they already have an offer on the table and potential sponsor. It can help to speak with a New York immigration lawyer about your options, so you can determine the best way to ensure a great candidate won’t be lost to another country.

What happens if I have employed an undocumented worker or someone who has overstayed their visa?

The penalties for hiring an employee without the proper documents can be severe. You are violating U.S. law and face penalties ranging from fines to even criminal penalties. The best thing you can do is to immediately consult an experienced NYC immigration lawyer to find out how to best mitigate the consequences and protect your company.

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