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From the bright lights of Broadway to boundary-pushing, experimental theater in Brooklyn, and from classic performances at Carnegie Hall to Indie rock in Williamsburg, New York City hosts some of the nation’s best entertainment venues and entertainers. If you’re part of the scene, you’re going to need a NYC entertainment lawyer to make sure your contracts are ironclad and your intellectual property is protected. Priori has a vetted network of many of NYC’s very best entertainment lawyers with experience in theater, film, music and more available on-demand.

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As a member of the entertainment industry, whether you just signed a recording contract or are casting your first play, you have a wide variety of legal needs. From protecting your intellectual property to establishing your rights in a work-for-hire agreement, you will need an experienced NYC entertainment lawyer to protect your interests as an artist. Connect with lawyers from Priori’s vetted network of New York City entertainment attorneys by submitting a request today. We will send you a handpicked shortlist of lawyers tailored to your unique niche in the entertainment industry, so you can get back to preparing your next performance.

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