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As a Manhattan business owner, you have to be focused on the bottom-line: Will this deal be profitable? Will working with a foreign manufacturer be better than a domestic one? Will it be less expensive to hire remote workers? How can I structure my relationships with investors? All of these things and more have tax consequences, so you will likely need the expertise of a skilled Manhattan tax lawyer to help you make strategic decisions about what courses of action to pursue. Priori’s on-demand legal marketplace connect you with the right Manhattan tax lawyers, so your business can grow and thrive.

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A tax lawyer is a vital member of your legal team. From advising you on corporate structure and deals to representing you in the event of an audit, you’ll likely need a Manhattan tax lawyer at some point in your company’s lifecycle. With Priori, you can find a Manhattan tax lawyer with exactly the tax expertise your business needs. Through Priori, you can schedule complimentary 30 minute consultations with Manhattan tax lawyers with the expertise and experience you need.

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