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Your employees are one of your most important assets as a business owner, but creating policies that balance your need to run an efficient workplace with the need to have progressive, flexible policies to attract top talent can be tricky. You should consider hiring a Manhattan employment and labor lawyer to help you navigate the legal quagmire of regulations and industry-standards. Through Priori’s on-demand legal marketplace, you can schedule complimentary half-hour consultations with vetted Manhattan employment lawyers.

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Whether you’re about to make your company’s first hire or are already managing a team of 50, you need an employment lawyer. From severance agreements to FLSA compliance, employment and labor law is extremely complicated. An experienced Manhattan employment lawyer can ensure you classify your employees correctly, draft effective employment agreements and establish clear internal office policies. A Manhattan employment lawyer can help you avoid costly disputes and regulatory issues, so you can focus on your business. Find the right Manhattan employment lawyer for your unique company today by submitting a request with Priori Legal. We’ll connect you with a handpicked shortlist of employment lawyers from our vetted network to meet all your legal needs.

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