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Los Angeles is the epicenter of the entertainment industry. If you are working in film, music, visual arts, design, publishing, television or theater, you’ll need a skilled entertainment lawyer as a trusted advisor, so you can spend your time hustling for your big break rather than worrying about legal compliance and disputes.

An experienced entertainment lawyer from Priori Legal’s vetted network can help you navigate formation, financing, intellectual property protection and assignment, contract drafting and negotiation, immigration assistance for foreign talent and civil litigation.

How a Los Angeles Entertainment Lawyer Can Help You

Whether you are involved with the film industry or in some other aspect of entertainment, you will need the services of an attorney every step of the way. An entertainment attorney in Los Angeles is a critical resource in the following areas:

Business formation and funding. From the first second conducting your business, you’ll want to make sure you’ve formed legally. If you are an entrepreneur, starting a film production company or another type of entertainment company, you will require the assistance of an entertainment attorney to help you accomplish the following:

  • Select and create the appropriate business entity (i.e. limited partnership, LLC or corporation);

  • Negotiate and draft business entity documents such as partnership agreements, corporate bylaws and shareholders agreements;

  • Plan and manage fundraising efforts without violating applicable securities laws; and

  • File required documentation, such as an SEC Form D, with governmental entities.

An experienced entertainment lawyer can provide you with invaluable industry advice that can save you trouble down the road. General partnerships and sole proprietorships, for example, are almost never used in the entertainment industry because of the high personal liability involved in these fields. If you intend to embark on more than one creative project, depending on the circumstances, you might want to consider forming a separate limited liability entity for each project so that one project does not become liable for the debts of the other. These are just two examples of how an entertainment lawyer with local industry savvy can protect your interests with sound advice.

A Priori lawyer will evaluate your plans for the company—what activity you’ll conduct, whether you plan to take on investment and whether you’ll have partners and employees—so you can settle on the most advantageous corporate structure.

Structuring Relationships with Talent. Regardless of whether you are an artist or an entertainment industry executive, the provision of creative services is a heavily regulated area of law. You will almost always need to enter into written employment contracts with creative talent and these contracts need to contain certain standard industry terms and conditions. If the employee is a member of a labor union, such as the Screen Actors’ Guild, you will need an entertainment attorney to make sure that individual employment contracts conform to the terms of both collective bargaining agreements and applicable labor law.    

Intellectual Property Issues. The primary purpose of many entertainment companies is to create original, creative work in a variety of mediums, and so the ownership of, rights to and profit from that work is extremely important. A Los Angeles entertainment lawyer will help you protect your intellectual property in a variety of ways:

  • Copyright. A copyright is an exclusive legal right to the use and distribution of an original work of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. A copyright lawyer will help you protect your works, negotiate ownership rights to works and derivative works, negotiate licensing and work-for-hire agreements and resolve disputes about ownership.

  • Trademark. A trademark protects a distinctive word, phrase, symbol design or combination of these things. In the entertainment industry, it can be important to retain a lawyer to pursue trademarks (and fend off infringement) for your entertainment company’s name, band’s name or artist pseudonym.
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In the entertainment industry, ownership and protection of intellectual property is critical. A Priori lawyer will make sure you file relevant copyright and trademark applications, understand and negotiate strategically for ownership of intellectual property and protect your ownership rights in case of a dispute. Find a top, vetted Los Angeles entertainment lawyer through Priori Legal today!

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