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About Hartford Lawyers

Insurance is the business of Hartford, and Priori Legal provides Hartford businesses with the best lawyers to help their businesses grow. As a Hartford entrepreneur, you need a local lawyer with global perspective and experience. Priori can help you find a lawyer who meets your requirements, be it industry knowledge, task expertise or time spent at a national firm or in-house at a particular type of company. We’ll find you the lawyer you need, quickly, at their most competitive rates.

Priori connects startups, small businesses, SMBs and enterprise clients with a network of vetted Hartford lawyers. By putting in a request through Priori’s online platform, you’ll get a hand-selected shortlist of lawyers tailored to your needs--as well as free half hour consultations, so you can get a sense of a lawyer’s personality, approach and work style before deciding whether to hire them.

Our Hartford Network

Priori has built a network of Hartford lawyers to serve your legal needs, specially geared toward the city’s largest industries: insurance, medical and research. Our Hartford lawyers boast experience with many commonly needed tasks for businesses across industries, such as insurance and reinsurance contracts, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, domestic and international litigation, patents, supply and vendor contracts and human resource management.

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