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The entertainment industry is synonymous with California--home to many of the nation’s top movie and music production companies and entertainers. If you are in the industry, you’ll likely need a California entertainment lawyer on your team in order to make the most of your contracts, relationships and intellectual property. Through Priori’s on-demand, top-quality legal marketplace, you can find skilled California entertainment lawyers who are familiar with your industry.

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As a member of the entertainment industry, whether you just signed a recording contract or are casting your first play, you have a wide variety of legal needs. From protecting your intellectual property to establishing your rights in a work-for-hire agreement, you will need an experienced California entertainment lawyer to protect your interests as an artist. Connect with lawyers from Priori’s vetted network of California entertainment attorneys by submitting a request today. We will send you a handpicked shortlist of lawyers tailored to your unique niche in the entertainment industry, so you can get back to preparing your next performance.

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