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Creatives of all kinds have found a home in the Golden State. As a songwriter, moviemaker or coder, you’ll likely need to retain a California copyright lawyer to protect your creations against infringement and handle any misuse if it does arise. Through Priori’s vetted network of lawyers, available on-demand for you through our curated online marketplace, you can find a talented lawyer to assist with any of your California copyright needs.

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If your creative work is at the heart of your business, whether you’re a novelist, a graphic designer, or even a programmer, protecting your creations against infringement is critical to your success. An experienced intellectual property lawyer in California can support you in obtaining a copyright and addressing any infringement concerns. A copyright is an exclusive legal right to the use and distribution of an original work of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Get started in acquiring legal protections for your creative work today with Priori Legal. Our vetted network of intellectual property lawyers in California will guide you each step of the way, from a copyright application to navigating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Put in a request for a California intellectual property lawyer now to discuss your latest creation, and how best to take advantage of a copyright’s protection.

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