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About California Business Lawyers

From the nation’s most sophisticated technology companies to one of the most extensive agricultural economies, California’s industries are as diverse and numerous as the state’s inhabitants. Every single one of these businesses needs a high-quality California business lawyer, but the lawyer that’s right for a vineyard in Napa probably isn’t the same one that’s the best fit for a movie production company in Los Angeles. That’s where Priori Legal can help: we have a vetted network of the very top California lawyers in a wide array of industries, so you can find a lawyer who is the right fit for your unique business.


Business Contracts

Every company needs to deal with hundreds or even thousands of contracts to run successfully and smoothly. These can be small contracts with suppliers, subscription agreements with consumers, real estate contracts, employment contracts, and everything in between. Unless these contracts are carefully drafted and fully understood by all the parties involved, they can have costly and unexpected outcomes for your company. A California business lawyer can help negotiate, draft, and enforce the contracts that you sign to keep your business operating.

Corporate Formation & Corporate Governance

Likewise, every California company must selects its corporate form (LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp etc.) and state of formation (common choices include California, Delaware and Nevada) carefully. A corporate attorney will not only make sure you form properly but will also advise on and draft the requisite corporate governance documents, such as operating agreements, bylaws, shareholders agreements and partnership agreements

Common Legal Issues Faced by California Small Businesses

All businesses in California face legal issues on a daily basis. Whether you are opening a new shop, hiring a new employee, or simply signing a new deal, there are many legal issues to be considered and complied with. 

Employment and Employee Issues

Hiring your first employee is exciting because it means that your company is growing, but it also means that you must worry about a host of other legal issues that come with being an employer. Employee issues are among some of the most common, and California employment law requires that you carry out hiring and firing fairly, as well as keep up with all the bureaucratic requirements of having employees. A California employment lawyer can help you with all of these—everything from putting in place anti-harassment and discrimination policies to creating employee contracts and handbooks to even dealing with employee lawsuits you may someday face.

Immigration Audits

Immigration law is a hot-button issue in California, and immigration audits for small businesses are becoming more common. That’s why you need to carefully comply with California immigration law when hiring employees, independent contractors, and even suppliers and other business partners. A business lawyer can make it easy for you to conduct background checks on employees and ensure that their documents are valid, so you won’t every be crippled by a negative audit. If you are accused of violating immigration laws, you’ll also be prepared with documentation and legal support from an experienced California immigration lawyer.

IP Protection

For many businesses in California, especially in startup communities like Palo Alto and the Bay Area, intellectual property is their most valuable asset. This must be protected. California business lawyers can help you secure patents, trademarks, and copyrights, draft NDAs to protect trade secrets, and advise you on the best ways to keep intellectual property rights strong.


How a California Business Lawyer Can Help

All companies should have a California business lawyer as a trusted partner at every stage of growth. A corporate attorney can keep a weather eye on all sorts of issues--employment, IP, customer, corporate and corporative govenrance--so you can focus on running your business. 

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