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As a business owner in San Francisco, the reality is you may at some point have to deal with litigation, one way or the other. From breach of contract to collections, litigation (or the threat of litigation) is always a stressful and confusing experience, and having a good, experienced litigator often makes all the difference. Priori has a vast, high-quality network of litigation lawyers in San Francisco, ready to help 24/7.


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No company likes finding themselves in a situation where they need to hire a litigator to draft or respond to a demand letter or instigate or defend against a lawsuit. Whether it’s a breach of contract, alleged tort, products liability, class action, fraud, premises liability or breach of duty lawsuit, a San Francisco litigator from Priori’s network can advise you on how to minimize your damages and maximize your potential returns. You need a trusted advisor who understands your business and goals. Priori has a vetted network of San Francisco litigators who have experience handling a wide range of litigation issues. If you put in a request today, you will receive a hand-selected shortlist of San Francisco litigators with relevant experience and can schedule complimentary half-hour calls with them.

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