Chip Delaney, Strategy Associate of NexLP | CLOC 2018 Legal Ops Win

By Oliver Duchesne

What has NexLP aced in the last 12 months?

We've aced the ability to analyze for specific images in large data sets. So if you looking for Brad Pitt's face in 20,000 pictures, we can pull out every instance of Brad Pitt's face that's there, or if you are looking for a specific signature for a company logo or whatever it is, we've developed an AI to identify it.

How is NexLP improving legal operations?

We're improving legal operations by reducing human capital. This creates more efficiency around the bottom line and improves the ability to bring on more clients because the same work can be done much faster. We have the ability to analyze data in the same way that humans contextually understand relationships and language. Whereas traditional analysis is done through maths, our AI understands context in relationships, which is very powerful.


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