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About Atlantic City Lawyers

The so-called "Las Vegas of the East," Atlantic City, is a destination for entertainment, nightlife and recreation businesses--be it on the boardwalk or on the casino floor. Whether you want to open a new nightclub or launch a new retail location, you may be faced with legal obstacles and red tape along the way. Finding an attorney who understands your needs and is familiar with the local landscape is imperative for your long-term success. Priori makes identifying and hiring that legal advisor easier and more seamless than ever before.

Priori connects startups, small businesses, SMBs and enterprise clients with a network of vetted Atlantic City lawyers. By putting in a request through Priori’s online platform, you’ll get a hand-selected shortlist of lawyers tailored to your needs--as well as free half hour consultations, so you can get a sense of a lawyer’s personality, approach and work style before deciding whether to hire them.

Our Atlantic City Network

Priori has built a network of Atlantic City lawyers to serve your legal needs, specially geared toward the city’s largest industries: tourism, gaming, retail shopping, and education. Our Atlantic City lawyers boast experience with many commonly needed tasks for these types of businesses, such as business formation, liquor licenses, restaurant/bar setup and licensing, trademark, joint ventures, sweepstakes, real estate leases, litigation, taxation, employment and more. Whatever your industry or need, you can come to Priori to find the perfect lawyer to fit your unique situation.

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