Case Study: Interview with Gavin Zuchlinski, Founder & CEO at Acuity Scheduling

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The team at Acuity Scheduling was searching for BigLaw quality without BigLaw pricing across a wide range of practice areas.

Q: How did you get started with Priori?

We were looking for a lawyer to help us with a re-incorporation. I was leery of using a biglaw firm because my past experience was that it was a huge suck of time and money. They would assign high-billing heavyweights to minor tasks and weren’t efficient dealing with specialties that they weren’t as familiar with.

“The fact that I can get people with deep experience in just about any area of the law is absolutely phenomenal. . . . I think of Priori as a meta-law firm.”
Q: What was your experience finding a lawyer through Priori?

Before Priori the only way I knew how to find somebody good was through references from another lawyer. But Priori’s platform made the attorney search process a breeze. Being able to view attorney bios and reviews was informative and reassuring – it was a big comfort knowing I was going to be dealing with someone who was highly qualified and prescreened. And with a free 30-minute consultation I was able to get a head start so that when the lawyer started billing, we hit the ground running. 

Q: Has cost been the driving factor in your continued relationship with Priori, or has it been something else?

The cost savings have been phenomenal. I’d say what I’ve paid so far has been an order of magnitude less than I would have paid a big law firm for the same work. But what’s really kept me a customer has been the extensive network of expertise that Priori taps into. The fact that I can get people with deep experience in just about any area of the law is absolutely phenomenal.

Recently, I needed an attorney for a European Union privacy matter. Somebody from Priori quickly got back to me with some suggestions. The attorney I chose turned out to be the perfect fit. The amount of knowledge this lawyer had absolutely blew me away. Knowing that whatever specialized matter I have, I can find the right lawyer through Priori, is great. I think of Priori as a meta-law firm.


Whenever Acuity Scheduling has a new need, they use Priori Legal to identify an attorney with precisely the right experience.

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